The meeting between the musicians Enrico Gabrielli, Gianni Chi and Mario Frezzato has generated a series of performances inspired by the essence and the symbolic value of the environment, interacting with multiple artistic languages.

A journey shared over the years with other musicians (Guido Frezzato, Many Pardeller, Claudio Montafia, Sebastiano Severi, etc.), video-makers (Luciano Costa, Morgan Menegazzo) photographers (Simone Poltronieri) and the Contemporary Art group "Koine'".

The context is the source of the initial inputs that influence the creative process. This takes shape through a dialectic game of improvvisation and structural logic. Each artist equally contributes. The results are unique and unrepeatable.

An experience that evolves constantly, fed by new places and people's dreams, with the objective of exploring the aesthetic dimension of the sound.

A little tribute to the Utopia.