We were born, we sang, prayed and often cryed in this sacred place of Art and culture. This water gives us back the emotions and the history of our past, and reminds us where we are from and who we are. The big turn (volta) and the frescos reflected in the water amplify the silence of the beauty of this church. We can’t let it glide towards the pond of oblivion. To see means to make live, and probably with this installation we looked at the “Church-Ophelia” to live again beyond our eyes.

On December 30th, 1999, on the occasion of the installation “Ophelia”, we created and performed a series of musical tales to celebrate the artistic event and the historical memory of the Church “Santa Maria della Rosa” in Calvisano (Brescia, Italy). The performance was conceived as big concentric circles where the themes of time, sorrow and the scars give space to the water, the deph of the memory, the joy and the creative madness.